Workshop: How should Martial Law be taught in our classrooms?

August 11, 2018 Saturday

The Martial Law Museum aims to be a comprehensive online learning resource
for our community of educators. Today we ask how we can further design it in such a way that it remains relevant, meaningful, and valuable to our teachers and ultimately to our students.

The teachers who wish to participate will co-design multiple touchpoints (such as lesson plans for different subject areas and grade levels, curriculum-content tagging, assessment activities) for the Martial Law Museum to improve its user experience for fellow teachers; how might we make the Martial Law Museum more accessible and valuable for public school teachers?



Here are the workshop objectives:

This workshop is for FREE and will earn you CPD units! (exact number of CPD units to follow). Lunch will be provided.

Please note that we have limited slots. We shall email the confirmation of your slots through email.





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