Promises and Warnings

Marcos was most inspiring when he would talk about his vision for the future of the Philippines.

The Death of Democracy

Marcos, through martial law, put himself in a position of absolute power over the laws of the land.

Toppling the Dictatorship

With revolution bright in the air, the final blow to Marcos rule came in a powerful move from above and below.

Responding to Our History Today

Why and how should we remember Martial Law as a nation? What does this mean to us at this point in time?

Mag-aral Digital Library

The Marcos Agrarian Reform Program: Promises and Contradictions
In this article, we strive to answer crucial questions to better our understanding of Marcos’ Agrarian Reform.
The Second ABS-CBN Shutdown
We look into the history and patterns from the first and second ABS-CBN shutdown, the first during Marcos' Martial an...
Isang Primer para sa Mulat na Mamamayan
Kahit sino man ang pinuno natin, ang bawat Pilipino ay may kakayahang gumawa ng mabuti para sa bansa bilang isang mul...
The first election
Despite the 1978 parliamentary election’s conclusion with a landslide victory for the Marcos administration’s Kilusan...
EDSA 1986: Unifying the People’s Power
It took everyone coming together to stage a successful peaceful revolt against Marcos and his power-hungry ruling class.
Remembering the Heroes: Edgar Jopson
He was one of the most well-known figures of the student movement and remains a symbol for the idealistic Filipino yo...

Magturo Teaching Resources

EDSA People Power Revolution: Then, now, and what it means for our future
The EDSA People Power Revolution was a product of many moving parts that finally amalgamated in the form of a peaceful revolution that enamored and inspired many regime changes around the world. Altho...
Lipunan – An Educational Role Playing Game
Lipunan is an educational role playing game (RPG) set during the time of Ferdinand Marcos’ first inauguration in 1965 up to the EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986. The goal of the game is to te...
Grade 11 Understanding Society: Visual Literacy & Social Realism
In this session, Pablo Baen Santos’ painting entitled Krista (1984) will be used to exercise learners’ visual literacy by analyzing the composition of the painting.  The goal is to be able t...

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