Recovering Memories, Pursuing Justice Webinar

The webinar on September 21, 2020, looked at how Martial Law devastated whole communities and shattered personal lives in areas that were not previously discussed and written. Marian Pastor Roces narrated to the audience the massacres of Muslim communities in Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat while Rosario N. Cabardo discussed the displacement of communities in Samar in the name of economic profit. Lastly Bro. Karl Gaspar relived his experience as a detainee which reminds us of the persecution of church people in Mindanao’s Christian communities. The webinar was well attended, with former activists, peace advocates, government officials, party-list representatives, and the public in general. To cap the event, a well-known folk singer from Darwin, Australia provided us with an intermission number.



Marian Pastor Roces

Rosario N. Cabardo

Bro. Karl Gaspar



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